Clinical Herbalism


Logan Dyer is a state licensed acupuncturist, nationally certified clinical herbalist, and veteran bodyworker serving patients at Blue Heron Acupuncture & Apothecary in Charleston, SC.  With a bachelor's degree in Anthropology, Logan loves utilizing her knowledge of cross-cultural medical practices to understand her role as a facilitator of healing in her patient's lives.  Bringing together a decade of intuitive massage practice, a master's degree in classical Chinese medicine, and deep reverence for the miraculous power of plant medicine,  Logan creates a non-judgmental space for patients to connect with the innate wisdom of their bodies to heal both acute and chronic issues.

Chinese medicine

Chinese medicine is a complete medical system developed through thousands of years of empirical study.  It is the original evidence based medicine, with herbal formulas written in 200 AD still used by contemporary clinicians.  Trusted by Emperors and farmers alike, Chinese medicine demonstrates its efficacy through treatments whose mechanisms are only beginning to be understood by biomedical science.  This relatively gentle and non-invasive medicine strengthens the body, mind, and spirit to treat complaints ranging from the common cold to complex auto immune disease, acute and chronic pain, women's and men's reproductive issues, and pyscho-emotional conditions. Chinese medicine excels at treating the "weird stuff" and treating you like a human, not just a diagnosis.


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