Facial Acupuncture

Facial acupuncture focuses the healing effects of acupuncture on the face to soften wrinkles, lift sagging skin, brighten discoloration, soothe inflammation, and disperse swelling.  This holistic treatment addresses the root causes of aging such as insomnia, worry, and poor digestion.  Treatments may include bodywork, gentle facial gua sha, and facial cupping to release tension affecting the face. Topical applications of soothing herbs in the form of cleaners, masks, and moisturizers ensure that you leave a facial acupuncture treatment looking as good as you feel.  


Acupuncture uses tiny needles to affect the nervous system and elicit an healing response.  Excellent for chronic pain, acute injuries, menstrual or menopausal issues, fertility, insomnia, PTSD, and a wide range of other complaints.  Acupuncture treatments may include the use of myofascial release techniques such as cupping or gua sha.  Moxabustion, the burning of the herb Artemesia vulgaris near the body, is traditionally used in acupuncture treatments to warm and strengthen the body.  Acupuncture patients may take home an herbal prescription in the form of pills or an instant tea known as granules. Comprehensive, tailored, and extremely relaxing.

Luxury Combo

The best of bodywork and acupuncture.  This highly customizable treatment is all about more time and attention.  This treatment is perfect for those who love massage but also want the lasting effects of acupuncture.  A luxury combo treats everything that acupuncture treats with an added dose of  hands on time.  Whether you are rehabbing an injury, working on lowering your stress level, or are just ready to treat yourself, a luxury combo is the perfect opportunity to give yourself the care you deserve. 

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